2017 Cabaret Fringe Ambassadors

Anya Anastasia


Cabaret Fringe Ambassador

Welcome to the Cabaret Fringe. Fringe is my home, my network, my backyard, and it’s yours too. It’s global. I live between the Edinburgh Fringe, the Adelaide Fringe, the Melbourne Fringe, the Prague Fringe, and now the Adelaide Cabaret Fringe, to name a few. This global community is the home and breeding ground of ideas. Uncensored, ungoverned, wild, raw and rich with passion straight from the source. Often from the brain of the one that created it, to the ears and eyes of those who happened to get a flyer for it thrust into their hand in the street. What an incredibly unique and powerful force this is at such a time in history… a platform for the independent exploration and expression of new ideas; for resistance against or the challenging of existing ideals or structures.

Be a part of these ideas at their conception, or at their birth, before they get refined, smoothed over, made more palatable and the roguish ones reworked or consigned to history. Art is one of the most powerful vehicles for resistance, questioning, searching, and defiance. The act of joy in the face of fear, or the act of controversy in an environment of political correctness.

We are artists. It is our job to disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed.

We’re living in a world where so much of what we hear and read is controlled by mysterious forces. There’s fake news, censored news, and news feeds that are custom designed to make us feel good to keep us hooked into the advertising machine.

We invite you to come to the cabaret, to see and hear something you weren’t expecting, and didn’t even know you were searching for. Fringe is where all the free-thinkers gather and conspire. Did I mention? It’s also where all the best parties are.

See Anya Anastasia in ‘The New Cabaret Experiment’ at Henrietta’s, 12-17 June

Mama Alto


Cabaret Fringe Ambassador

I am beyond thrilled to be an Ambassador for Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival in 2017. The cabaret art form is very dear to my sequinned heart, and the importance of the relationship between the independent arts fringe and the art form of cabaret cannot be underestimated.

Integral and vital to the storytelling medium of cabaret is its inherent capability to take voices and experiences from the margins and the marginalised, and centre them in the middle of culture and society. Those margins and intersections – of gender and sexuality, race and class, love and loss, and lived human experiences – become recognisable and universal through the empathy of song and story.

The rise of fringe festivals worldwide, giving independent and emerging artists a platform to develop and showcase their storytelling craft, so poignantly and powerfully complements this marginality of the cabaret form.

How perfect and fitting it is that Adelaide, which hosts significant festivals for both cabaret and fringe, is home to a Cabaret Fringe. Welcome to our world – revel in it with us. I look forward to seeing you at Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival in 2017.

Much love – Rise up singing –

Mama Alto

See Mama Alto in ‘Mama Alto: Torch Songs’ at La Bohéme, 3-4 June



Cabaret Fringe Ambassador

I grew up in a creative household, and my mum and dad weren’t big on labels. So it’s not surprising that my music has rarely been able to be pigeonholed or contained by a particular genre. I’ve always been drawn to songs because of the way they make me feel, how they can bind us together, how they can change our lives. I think that may be why cabaret has claimed me. The joy of cabaret is that it isn’t defined by a single genre. It’s even hard to say this is a cabaret song, and this isn’t. Cabaret is more of a state of mind; a desire to connect with people; to share in an intimate and transporting experience; to embark on a journey on the wild and unruly roller coaster of life – through the happiness and the pain, the fragility and the exuberance, the banality, the hilarity, the irony and the wonder. This rush of life is also the very heart of Fringe. While performing at fringe festivals around the world, I’ve seen everything, from the most magical to the most mundane. Fringe is the most inclusive artistic forum I’ve encountered, and when you put this together with cabaret, the possibilities are trul exciting.

If you are reading this, then you already have an open heart and an open mind. Let yourself explore this fabulous festival, try things you’ve never seen before, get lost in the vibrant world of Cabaret Fringe, and it may just change your life.

See Mikelangelo in ‘Tower of Song: Celebrating the music of Leonard Cohen’ at Freemasons Hall, 3 June

See Mikelangelo in ‘Mikelangelo: The Best Of…’ at La Bohéme, 4 June



Cabaret Fringe Ambassador

Adelaide has established the centre of cabaret in Australia and the Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival has been at the forefront of the charge. Throughout the past decade, the festival has helped nurture and launch the careers and talents of many emerging cabaret artist. It’s also given established acts somewhere to experiment with new material which is both exciting and thrilling for local audiences.

More importantly, the Cabaret Fringe has given a creative platform to local, South Australian artists and opportunities for them to develop their talents.

As a performer and an audience member, some of my favourite cabaret memories have been made and witnessed at this festival and I’m thrilled to be representing the Adelaide Cabaret Fringe as an ambassador this year.

See Hans in ‘Mein Camp’ at Freemasons Hall, 3 June