The Cabaret Fringe Festival is an open-access arts festival held annually each June in Adelaide, South Australia.

We operate under a Rolling Registration system. What this means is that you can register your event at any time and it will be added to the event listing on the Cabaret Fringe website shortly after we receive your registration information.

Your event will be included in the printed guide if you have registered your event by Friday 22 April. After that, you’ll have an online listing only.

But don’t think you can just sit back and take it easy… we’re planning on listing the first few registered events for sale before Easter. We’ll then be listing each event from then on as soon as possible after it’s been registered.

The registration fee for all events will remain at $180 for events with three performances or less, or $250 for events with four performances and more.

If you haven’t registered yet, hop to it. Please click here to be taken to the registration page.

Founded by brothers Paul & Adam Boylon and Jay Robinson in 2008, the festival celebrates the art form of Cabaret. Now in its ninth year, the Cabaret Fringe features the best of home-grown and national talent side by side – representing the breadth of artistic expression in Cabaret in Australia.

From Berlin to Broadway, Downtown to Outback – artists have found a home and a dedicated audience for Cabaret each June in the clubs, bars and venues of Adelaide. We have made a long-term commitment to nurture Cabaret in South Australia, providing independent creators and producers with a platform to develop their art. From humble beginnings in 2008 when a modest number of shows were staged at cabaret club La Bohème over a few weeks in June, the Cabaret Fringe Festival now sees around 40 acts performing at venues all around Adelaide.

Cabaret connects audience and performer like no other art form. It is our passion, and we thank you, the audience, for making it yours.

We look forward to seeing you in June!

Paul Boylon – Founder