Meet The Team

Paul Boylen

Founder & Director

Paul is co-owner of La Bohème and founder of the Cabaret Fringe Festival. He opened the arts venue La Bohème in 2005 with like-minded business partners. As Venue Manager and Program Coordinator, Paul has strived to fulfill his dream of a continuous cabaret venue in Adelaide. He has gone on to create a space that not only offers a stage for existing shows but supports local artists in the creation of new works. Paul and Co. pride themselves on making the space accessible for artists and this in turn has encouraged artists from all levels and genres to express themselves and their ideas through the unique art form of cabaret.


In 2008 Paul co-founded the Cabaret Fringe Festival, which grew rapidly from modest begins in a single venue to this year welcoming 14 venues and running for the entire month of June. The Cabaret Fringe Festival provides a forum for all artists to show their talents, and Paul is proud to continue to show the arts-going public that we have a wealth of talent here in the state.


Paul says: 

“We are always delighted to see how Cabaret Fringe artists help develop the audience base of the Cabaret art form and are able to thrive on the popularity of Cabaret in Adelaide and the excitement of June’s ‘cabaret season’.”

Jen Kingwell-headshot-Gee-Greenslade-web

Jennifer Kingwell

Creative Director

Jennifer Kingwell is an award-winning cabaret performer, producer and programmer, who has joined the Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival team after coordinating programming at Adelaide Fringe’s renowned artist/VIP bar, Fringe Club. She has over six years experience performing and producing acclaimed shows in Adelaide, Edinburgh and Melbourne Fringe Festivals, as well as Adelaide Cabaret Fringe and Melbourne Cabaret Festival.


Before relocating to Adelaide in 2017, Jennifer was a broadcaster on Melbourne’s PBS FM 106.7, presenting the station’s first cabaret-themed program, Glitter + Doom, which ran for five years on air.


Jennifer says:

“I’m excited for the opportunities the Festival provides for artists to perform and produce fierce, independent and daring cabaret that stirs emotions, provokes thought and pushes boundaries. We’re all looking forward to an incredible year for the Festival as it celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2017”

Eugene Suleau

Head of Artist Services

Eugene is a well-know figure around Adelaide’s entertainment scene. A graduate of the old Centre for the Performing Arts, Eugene has worked as an actor with many local independent companies, and in film and television. He has worked as a tutor in acting and improvisation skills at S.A. Casting, Impro Now and On the Fly Impro.


Eugene spent seven years at the Adelaide Fringe, where he worked in the Artist Services department, assisting artists in getting their shows up and running. It is in this role that most of Adelaide’s cabaret scene will know him – he has probably spoken to or emailed just about all of them at one time or another!


Eugene says: “The most satisfying aspect of working at Adelaide Fringe was the interactions I had with the artists. As a performer, I always want to perform, and if I can’t be doing that the next best thing is to help others achieve their artistic goals. Being co-director of Cabaret Fringe allows me to continue the great relationships I’ve established with a wide range of Adelaide’s cabaret performers.”


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Please put your hands together…

The Cabaret Fringe could not happen each year without the dedication of dozens of artists, venue managers, technicians and volunteers who bring together their creativity, talents and time to make each individual show, and the festival as a whole, a reality – and for this we thank them all!