‘Unhindered’ finds the boundaries of all things creative arts, and then proceeds to stretch and bend them to its will.

An innovative fusion of circus, music and physical theatre, the debut show of Kinetic Noise celebrates the joy of being unique without being hindered by society.

These artists of tomorrow will inspire you with exhibitions of raw, stripped back, physical imagery and musical splendour.

It is not a show to be missed!




Presented by: Kinetic Noise
Featuring: Daniel Jarmyn, Courtney Sturm, Iri Roche, Jamie Chilvers, Casper Shepherd, Lauren McQuillan
Origin: SA
Rating: All ages
Duration: 60 minutes

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3, 10, 17 June at 6.30pm
SA Circus Centre, 27 Fifth St, Bowden

TICKETS: AllTix $18

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